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Driving positive impact for the clients we call partners and the places people call home.

Behind all of our accolades, client success stories, and bold ambitions, there’s a devoted team that’s always raising the standards.

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Property Management & Operations

Recognizing that the success of a property is driven by the quality of its staff, we are laser focused on providing our residents and partners with an exceptional level of service.  We provide an unparalleled attention to detail in managing each of our properties, no matter their size, with improved efficiency resulting in maximized NOI and ultimately value.

Conventional, lease-up, value-add, student living and affordable housing.
Property management of owned assets, as well as third party services for private and institutional investors.
Utilization of industry leading software and technology to ensure efficiency and accuracy.
Structured and streamlined policy/procedures throughout organization.
Highly skilled professionals with several years’ experience in all areas of multi-family management.
Facility management services that support the functionality, safety and sustainability of all buildings, grounds, and infrastructure.

Advanced Data Analytics

Properties do not operate in silos. Using a wealth of data, we make informed decisions on property operations by benchmarking rents and operational expenses against our internal portfolio and the broader market.

Utilize technology to gain a deeper insight into market trends.
Access to revenue management software and leading national apartment data.
Apply data from predictive modeling and statistical methods to generate client.

Financial Planning and Analysis  

Institutional quality financial reporting with an entrepreneurial approach to management.

Detailed monthly financial statements including expense analysis.
Budgeting and forecasting services.
Utilization of AP automation software built exclusively for Real Estate.
Control spend capabilities through use of electronic purchase order system and approval workflows.


Every property is different and requires a thoughtful and personalized marketing plan to ensure its successful lease-up and/or ongoing performance.  RHM’s staff of dedicated marketing professionals can craft their own marketing and branding strategies, or work in conjunction with a branding agency to establish a properties key message and brand identity.

Brand Foundation/Logo Design. Property positioning and story.
Website Hosting/Design.
Create and implement Social Media Strategies.
Develop a range of marketing support materials and community marketing campaigns.
Manage online advertising packages/campaigns.
Client office

Due Diligence & Market Research        

We provide our clients with a thorough understanding of their property’s potential capital needs, along with a comprehensive market analysis to highlight an assets current and potential position within the market.  Before committing to a substantial capital investment, we assist our clients with developing rent projections, NOI forecasts and redevelopment/capital plans.

Customized Market Surveys
Feasibility Analysis for Acquisitions, Rehabilitations and New Development.
Identify and Justify Value-Added Candidates.
Thorough Acquisition Due Diligence Process.
100% UnitWalks, Property condition assessment, Lease Audit/Rent Roll Analysis.
Detailed Capital Improvement Budget from Trusted Pool of Vendors & Contractors.

Capital Improvements & Value-Add Renovations

We create value through the programmatic renovation of the communities we manage. From developing the project scope, coordinating construction crews, and overseeing the post-renovation lease-up of the project, we’re involved in every step along the way.

RHM offers professional construction and project management services to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.
Strong and established vendor relationships allowing for cost efficiency, timely deliveries, and quality service.
Individualized approach based on market and building.
Renovation packages tailored for each project.
Focused on quick turns to minimize vacancy loss and maximize your investment.
Trusted LaborPool allows for Day 1 Mobilization.

Development Partnerships & Development Consulting

RHM RealEstate Group is widely recognized for its success in the development of a wide range of suburban and in-fill projects throughout the Midwest.  We have experience in developing mid-rise, garden and ranch-style communities.  RHM takes a hands-on approach to development, with a keen focus on assembling a team of high-quality individuals involved in every aspect of the project, including entitlement, pre-development, design, construction and lease-up.  We maintain deep relationships with architects, engineers, consultants, city planners, builders and other groups involved in the development process.

In addition to its own pipeline of development projects, RHM provides both pre-development consulting services and actively seeks to co-develop projects with like-minded partners.

RHM is seeking to co-develop 50+ unit projects.
Experience with Build to Rent, Garden and Mid-Rise Project Types.
Feasibility and Market Reviews.
Design /Build Services for Select Product Types.
Entitlement Support.
Ability to Source Equity & Debt for Select Partnerships.

HumanResources, Compliance and Training

A property’s performance is dictated by the strength of its property manager, leasing team and maintenance crew.  With a long history of recruiting and managing top talent, our corporate staff works closely to train and provide on-going support for our on-site staff, ensuring that our properties run seamlessly.

Employee Recruitment and Retention programs.
Effective employee onboarding process.
Compliance training and Employee Development Programs.
Performance Management and Employee Relations.
Compensation and Benefits Management.
Payroll Administration.